Hertz Look coupe.

Mechanically checked, has had new control arms and some other bits and bobs. Engine is a mild cam roller 302 which along with the 4 speed box have been overhauled, Has all new sheet metal bar the roof, and trunk which are original. Floors are good and there are zero rust issues (we have raptored the inside so you will not get it rotting from the inside).

Everything is here to complete it and it will make a pretty special looking coupe when assembled.

She currently has chopped front coil springs and single line drums which means braking is terrible and pulls to the left. Really it wants the springs changing and a disc conversion as the drums are not adequate for the engine power.

Immediate jobs to get it roadworthy and all included will be:

Fit Windows (fronts), door locks and handles, connect adjust the headlights, park and reverse lights, either renovate the drums or install a disc conversion, change the front tie rods and coil springs, fit a decent steering wheel, connect horn drives and passengers seats could do with new seat bolts and nuts, adjust parking brake, tracking / alignment and tighten up the valances, new door seals, fit chrome trim.

Finance is available, Delivery to Ireland, Belgium, Malta, Spain, France, Cyprus, Italy, Germany etc is no problem.

UK delivery via our lovely professional transporter roughly £1 a mile